“We cannot thank the RestaurantConnect team enough! At BlackFinn American Grille group we were using OpenTable as our reservation and table management system in several of our locations. We chose your system instead not only for the incredible cost savings, but also for the ease of functionality, and the true statement that RestaurantConnect really does want to work for their client! The staff loves the system and our training support was 100% the best we have ever received! We are looking forward to bringing your system to all of our future openings and also to some of our existing sites!”

Megan Sweeney, Dir. Learning & Development at BlackFinn American Grille Group

“I can never imagine using pen & paper again. Now that we’ve been using RestaurantConnect, I don’t know how we ever managed without it. I would definitely recommend it – it’s amazing!”

AJ, Manager, The Frogtown Inn & Six Acres Restaurant

“We’ve had record breaking numbers since leaving Opentable for RestaurantConnect. People scared of leaving OpenTable? Don’t they know it’s the food that sells? Send anyone you want to talk to us, anytime.”

Eric Beverage, Director of Operations, Bartlett’s

“I switched from OpenTable. In 9 months I saved ten thousand dollars and get more reservations from RestaurantConnect.”

Sam Silvio, Owner, Em Chamas

“As a representative of restaurants at Cohasset Harbor Resort, I think that out of all the restaurant reservation systems including the ‘big one’, RestaurantConnect is one of the most user friendly, intuitive and efficient reservation systems out there. Included is a support team that will drop at any moment to help you, and even notice when things look like they need to be attended to. The amount of features for its affordable cost as well as ‘free reservations’, absolutely make it a no-brainer.”

Chris Grosse, Manager of all 3 restaurants & catering at Cohasset Harbor Resort (Massachusetts)

“The Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in NY has been using the services of RestaurantConnect for a few months now and we are more than pleased with this reservation system. The service is very attentive to our needs; they are very quick to respond to any inquiries that we have had. The staff has been nothing but friendly and it has been a pleasure to work with them. We love how you can make reservations on our website and Facebook page. We would highly recommend the use of RestaurantConnect ystem to any establishment.”

Christian Mollenthiel, Plattduetsche Park Restaurant at Franklin Square (New York)

“Our Pour La France Café & Bistro in Mexico is growing nicely, we are 32% over last year in sales. We have become a very popular place that still holds reservations for customers. The seating organization has really helped us grow our business. RestaurantConnect reservation system allows us to maximize our precious space to seat most guests and give accurate waiting times. Name recognition from our staff to our customers is the icing on the cake, it gives our patrons immediate smiles! And they know from the very start they are in for a good time.”

Juan Carlos Guerra, Owner, Pour La France Café & Bistro (Saltillo, Mexico)

“We are blessed to own and operate an award-winning fine dining restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our business relies heavily upon the ability of our clients to make reservations. Over the past 8 years, Restaurant Connect has been our reservation software. We could not be happier with their product. The interface is easy to use and their customer support ranks second to none. Thank you Adam Christopher and the team at Restaurant Connect. Your hard work and dedication help thousands of customers find that perfect table at our restaurant each year. “

David Amend, General Manager, Thoroughbreds Chophouse & Seafood Grille

“…we installed RestaurantConnect into both of our restaurants and it has helped us tremendously. From table and dining room management, to having a guest history, to online reservations, the system was a great switch from paper and pencil. After using other reservation systems that could not handle our volume we were hesitant to take the plunge. They put our hesitations to rest, and made our transition as seamless as possible. Thanks guys!”

Nick Rotas, General Manager, Jack Allens Kitchen

“I depend upon RestaurantConnect’s “Event Planner” for catering and private parties in my restaurant. And my guests can make reservations from MY website and see my promotions and offerings as opposed to being forced towards opentable. It is better than opentable at seating assignments that block tables in use, interactive features and solved some issues of overbooking, sending contracts and documents to guests and brings feedback to me before they can go out on the net.”

Michael Passalacqua, Owner, Angelo’s Restaurant, Est 1939

“RestaurantConnect is just what we needed to take Fonda San Miguel to the next level. This program is the real deal! We were looking for three main things in a hospitality management system: Online reservations, client database and the ability to get guest feedback. This program can do all of these and so much more. We have seen fantastic results from day one. The RestaurantConnect staff has something that seems to be forgotten in companies these days… The ability to listen to their clients and adapt.”

GM, Fonda San Miguel – Top 101 US Restaurants 2012 – #54

“Restaurant Connect has been the easiest and most cost effective way for us to offer an integrated online reservation and table management system while creating customer profiles and staying in touch with our clients’ feedback. The staff stays more informed of our regular customers’ preferences than ever before. The management is able to track numbers as well as keep up with daily and weekly trends with far more ease and clarity. Not to mention, we have found the crew at RestaurantConnect willing and able to listen to our needs and customize our system as we see fit. There are never long hold times or being passed from one person to another when we call. We always talk directly to a knowledgeable member of the team who is able to walk us through fixing the issue over the phone. Thanks to RestaurantConnect our sales and service have improved.”

David Cook, General Manager, Prego

“This is totally, totally, totally cool!”

Melissa Chureau, Owner, Allium

“I was a die-hard OpenTable user, I didn’t want my boss to switch, and now I tell everyone about you. How user friendly it is, the cost savings, the time I save compared to Opentable… it’s priceless. I have worked in restaurants for 16 years and would recommend this system to manage any front of house operation.”

Nick Clayton, GM, Rodizio Grill

“Three years ago I decided it would help my business to use OpenTable. I had no idea that it would be $800-$1,000 a month. We had plenty of business before they came along, and all they did was “convert” our diners to their own website in order to keep getting their $1 per person fees. RestaurantConnect changed that for us. They are a company of restaurateurs and they actually care about the restaurant industry…”

Ned Brown, Owner, The Blue Lion, Jackson Hole

“Your system is a thousand times better. We’re now bringing on our other 2 locations in Houston”

Marc Borel, GM, Backstreet Cafe


“Restaurant Connect was the perfect fit for an independent busy restaurant. The customer service is the best. Open Table is expensive and giving our business to other restaurants. We love the extras that Restaurant Connect offers with the texting, pictures, and instant feedback!!”

Jody Myers, Marina Grog and Galley at Lake Lotawana

“RestaurantConnect has made life for our staff and me so much easier in regards to taking reservations and reminders about VIP preferences. Its simple interface allows us to keep track of reservations very efficiently, and the overall experience of RestaurantConnect is a vast improvement over OpenTable and other reservation programs currently on the market.”

GM, Ardovino’s Desert Crossing

“Why did we switch from OpenTable to RestaurantConnect? First let me state we have been in business for twenty years. We were spending needless money on reservations that would have been made anyway. I have not been successful for twenty years by throwing away money. Also, the technology that Opentable uses is from 15 years ago and I cannot believe they have not updated that system. We are very happy!”

Mike Schwartz, Owner, Pannullo’s