Terms of Service:

By using RestaurantConnect’s software, services or any other technologies offered by RestaurantConnect, the “Restaurant” agrees to the followings terms of service.

License & Maintenance: Monthly license includes full use of the RestaurantConnect software with unlimited number of installations and users as well as unlimited online reservations with the “RestaurantReserve” reservation widgets. Maintenance includes ongoing software updates.

Initial Setup & Configuration: We anticipate that the Restaurant will make every reasonable effort to supply RestaurantConnect with all necessary information required to setup and install the RestaurantConnect software in a timely manner.

Initial Set Up/Training: Initial setup and training is included with setup & configuration according to plan or product selected. RestaurantConnect provides staff training via online connection tools for all users of RestaurantConnect software at the Restaurant at agreed upon date(s) and time(s). Onsite installation is available (additional fees and travel expenses apply).

Additional Set up/Training: Additional training is available with advance notice and billed at $119.00 /hour in minimum 15-minute increments.

Support: Telephone & email support for technical or system related issues is available from 9am to 9pm EST 365 days/year, excluding emergencies. Requests for non-issue related assistance are available from 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday. Off hour requests for non-issue related assistance is subject to off-hours service rates.

Billable Time Activities: Include but not limited to troubleshooting non-RestaurantConnect related issues such as:

  • Internet connection
  • Network configuration
  • Hardware support or advisory services
  • Non-RestaurantConnect software i.e. operating systems, security settings, antivirus software, etc.
  • Any additional work requests in addition to service levels included herein

    Hourly Base Rate:                                             $119.00
    Off-Hours Services Hourly Rate:                     1.5X Hourly Base Rate

Feature & Change Requests: RestaurantConnect develops system functionality based on the feedback and needs of our restaurant users. As suggestions and insights are provided, they are reviewed and prioritized quarterly. We make no guarantee or commitment to the fulfillment of any submitted feature or change requests. Special development requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with our hourly development rate of 1.5X Hourly Base Rate.

Hardware and Internet Requirements: All computers using the RestaurantConnect software require an Internet connection (recommend minimum of 10.0 mbps upload and 10.0 mbps download). Where optimal system performance is required, such as the restaurant dining room, a computer with a minimum of 6GB of RAM, Intel dual or quad processor speed in excess of 2.0 GHZ and 17” touch monitor should be in place. Low power processors such at ATOM, Celeron, etc are not supported. All hardware and Internet functionality required to operate the RestaurantConnect software is the sole responsibility of the Restaurant. Failure to meet these requirements may result in billable time services to diagnose any issues.

Text & Voice Messaging Integration: Waiting list “TableReady” texts, IVR / Airia automated restaurant operations, guest feedback, reservation confirm/cancel and other text messaging services are optional and provided as a paid service to the customer. Prevailing text and voice rates are $0.018 per text and $0.018 per minute, subject to change.

System Access & Restaurant Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the Restaurant to manage user access in the event of staffing changes. It is the responsibility of the restaurant representative to contact RestaurantConnect in regard to system operations, questions, billing questions, service changes or other forms of assistance. oiur

Billing: Service fees equal to first month recurring subscription fees plus one-time setup fees are due and payable prior to commencement of the Restaurant software setup portal access. Recurring subscription fees are due and payable in full on a month-to-month basis. Billable services shall remain at all times until cancelled in writing by authorized Client Representative. Acceptable forms of payment are credit card or ACH funds transfer. All funds in $USD.

License Term, Cancellation Policy & Refunds: Licensing term is month-to-month. 30-day cancellation notice in writing must be sent to billing@restaurantconnect.com. No cancellation fees or penalties. We do not refund for past services as a result of a failure to submit a cancellation request. All pre-paid service fees are fully refunded if cancelled within first thirty (30) days of software setup portal access.