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Website & Facebook Integration

With our dynamic ResWidgets, you have an open door ready to accept & manage online reservations from your website, Facebook page and any other web page where your restaurant can be listed. Our reservation booking widgets communicate on your behalf, inspire action, and drive business.

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The “Edge” of Your Brand

Think of our booking widget as the nexus point between you and your guests when they’re not in the restaurant. It’s connected in real-time to all of RestaurantConnect’s core modules: TableWatch, EventPlanner & BrandManager. It functions like your restaurant: adapting day-to-day, creating opportunity, communicating, and improving operational efficiencies.


  • Displays only available times to guest
  • Keeps guests on your website or Facebook page: no 3rd party drop-kick
  • Easily control availability from the host stand
  • Multi-location friendly
  • Require credit card to restrict certain times or party sizes
  • Custom intro, booking policy & cc terms
  • Multiple social engagement opportunities
  • Over 2 dozen customizable options!


The Power of a Mobile App

Our mission is to ensure the best possible relationship between you and your guests. Before any reservation is booked, a decision must be made. You can influence that decision with BrandManager’s campaign & promotion management and your daily news feed. You’ve even got built-in lead generation for private & group dining. We think every dollar counts. Make sure they’re working for you!


  • Full restaurant profile
  • Daily news feed
  • Optional menu tab
  • Bookable promotions tab
  • Built-in navigation & step-by-step directions
  • Supports English, French & Spanish

Beyond the Booking

Here’s where relationships with your guests should naturally accelerate business growth. Other systems take your customer data for themselves, may even limit your access to it, then require you to “rent” your own customers ad-infinitum. With RestaurantConnect, you get innovative leverage and exciting strategies to exponentially grow your customer database. We create ways to not only inspire your guest conversation about your restaurant, but to play an integral part of ongoing marketing and brand building opportunities.


  • Most powerful & personalized dining profile system in the industry
  • Industry first guest invitation system
  • Social sharing- from booking to email & text communication
  • Ability to book on behalf of others
  • Email & text communication includes promos, news and always a new “call to action”

Unite One or Multiple Locations

From branding to devices to Facebook integration, along with dozens of customizable settings, our online booking widget is the most sophisticated & easy to use in the industry.

Our booking widget embeds beautifully within your own website.
For that perfect match to your brand,
you can choose two primary & two secondary colors.
Choose a color here to see more:

  • Slate
  • Aloe
  • Water
  • Candy
  • Melon
  • Mint
  • Royal
  • Sand

Our booking widget embeds within your Facebook page as beautifully as does on your website.
No guest re-direction or 3rd party hijacking.

RestaurantConnect Restaurant Reservations for Facebook

RestaurantConnect Restaurant Reservations for Facebook

Dozens of customizable options. Here’s a sample:

  • Minimum Guests
  • Maximum Guests
  • Maximum Days Available
  • Cut-Off Minutes
  • Booking Time Limit Minutes
  • Require Phone Number
  • Require Guest Type
  • Default Language
  • Allow Guest Mode
  • Reservation Booked Email
  • Restaurant Reviews Active?
  • Locu Menu ID
  • Default Widget Style
  • Body & Border Color 1
  • Body & Border Color 2
  • Custom Introduction
  • Credit Card Terms
  • Reservation Policy
  • Restaurant Description
  • Restaurant Features
  • Dining Style
  • Private Dining Details
  • Private Dining Contact
  • Walk-In Accepted?
  • Beverage Program Details
  • Walk-In Accepted?
  • Directions
  • Parking Details
  • Payment Options
  • Directions
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Page
  • Instagram Page
  • YouTube Page
  • Pinterest Page
  • Linked In Page
  • Restaurant Directions Link URL
  • Require Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Tems

Stay in control of your customer data

We can help you create a realistic marketing strategy that both saves you money, and drives customers. Our extensive suite of tools makes it easy to leverage the power of social media, your brand, and best of all – the relationships you have with your own customers.

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