Restaurant Waiting List Software

Waiting List management has never been easier. From text-messaging, to wait quote tracking, you’ll be able to reduce wait times and keep your guests happy.

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Restaurant Waiting List Software

Convenient Communication

As guests check-in, whether they’re a walk-in or have a reservation, easily add them to your waiting list. Text them when their table’s ready. If enabled, mobile numbers can be added to our EmailMarketer to create automated marketing opportunities.


  • 2 way texting keeps guest communication easy
  • Real-time communication between host stand and mobile devices
  • Guests can remove themselves from the waiting list if their plans change

Wait Quote Management

Our wait quote technology evaluates historical data as well as what’s trending in the restaurant to not only calculate the best current wait-time, but also which tables are the next best fit the guest.


  • Auto-assign tables that are coming up
  • Text guest when added to the wait list
  • View estimated turn-times for seated guests

Restaurant Waiting List Software

Improve Capacity

Managing a waiting list is only a small part of running a successful dining room. Reservations, turn times, walk-ins and a variety of other factors must be accounted for. When turn-times are improved, when guests get to their tables faster, when tables are ready quicker, the cumulative effect is better capacity, and better service.


  • Better efficiency at the host stand
  • Unlock more communications with SMS technology
  • Get your own dedicated phone number (no shared short codes)

Marketing Integration

We are so focused on the power of marketing, even our waiting list technology integrates with our marketing tools. Your walk-ins should not remain just a nameless face in your restaurant. Your new walk-in guests can always be treated as good as your long-time VIPs.


  • Personalize each guest profile as they enter the restaurant
  • Easily opt-in guests to your mailing lists- walk-ins & reservations alike!
  • Link to Birthday & Anniversary automation on-the-fly
Marketing Integration

We’d love to show you more!

We understand each restaurant has unique needs and challenges. Our demonstrations are as much about us learning about your operation, as it is about sharing our system’s capabilities. By getting to know you, we can introduce capabilities that are not only a good match, but also discover areas of potential opportunity.