Email Marketing Automation

Our integrated email marketing solution, EmailMarketer, helps grow your email and text marketing lists fast by dynamically feeding the “top of the funnel”.

Social Media, Email Marketing, Reputation Management

Drive the “Conversation”

Now, you can easily focus on the important stuff. Our social inbox, content scheduling and ability to broadcast a single message across multiple channels strengthens your guest’s experience with minimal effort.


  • Keep your brand centered & on-target.
  • Engage in rich conversations from one dashboard.
  • Generate authentic lines of communication so your restaurant’s story is always fresh.
  • Approve content before it’s published to the web.
  • Use the calendar to oversee your team’s scheduled messages.

Don’t be the “Last to Know”

Monitor what’s said about your restaurant and be the first to respond. Bonus: why not monitor your competition, too? What about leaders in the industry?


  • All-in-one spot: Yelp, TripAdvisor and others!
  • Keyword searches track down what’s being said and reports back.
  • Plug directly into Facebook & Twitter to see what’s said beyond your own pages.
  • Respond to mentions of your restaurant and relevant keywords on the go.

Restaurant Reputation Management

Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Get the Word Out

Manage all social & blog posts all from one easy to use interface. Use pre-defined templates or create new messages on-the-fly. Track campaigns and push traffic directly to our online booking widgets. Our ROI tracker tells you which effort produce the most conversions.


  • Post updates to your social networks on the go – now or scheduled for later.
  • Engagement probability analysis recommends best times to post.
  • Automated reporting delivers daily & weekly results to track all efforts.

What is it costing you to not have full control & influence over your brand?

Competition increases everyday. As a result, people have more choices than ever. The lists of distractions from social media companies, review sites, bloggers, and news sites inevitably makes it harder to get found and stay noticed. Seems like all the things which are supposed to help are making it harder.

BrandManager will help you re-focus your restaurant’s image. As a result, you can quickly put a workable strategy in place. In under an hour, you can begin executing a cost-effective marketing plan. As a result, noise & complexity is weeded out. You and your team can get back to being taking care of your guests.