Restaurant Private Event & Group Dining Management Software

From initial lead generation to the guest’s arrival, our Restaurant Private Event & Group Dining Management Software, EventPlanner, connects management, event coordinators, guests and service teams from first inquiry to the final close out during the entire planning and execution process. Integration with our table management and reservation solutions keep your restaurant running smooth!

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Capture all Leads

Closing deals increases with the speed of first response. This is so important that our booking widgets, table management, reservation management and event planning applications all include built-in lead generation forms. This means there’s always one guest profile – for first-timers and frequent diners alike.

Wherever the inquiry comes from, a welcome email goes to the guest with menus & pictures while the event coordinater gets an email or text alert with all the details needed to move the sale forward.


  • Free lead generation from your website and all RestaurantConnect’s core modules
  • Welcome email to guest keeps customer interested during off-hour inquiries
  • Email or text alerts sent with essential details to the event coordinator
  • All leads saved in central location with full access to guest profile, notes, reservation history, etc

Dynamic & Paperless

We eliminate file attachments, paper, scanning and faxing. When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet’s automatically updated. The host team has what they need when the guests arrive. And the Chef? Menus available right on their phone.


  • Generate & email estimate in under a minute
  • Quickly distribute event packet to guests, chefs and management
  • Digital signatures for both contract and credit card terms
  • Guest’s can make menu selections directly within the event packet
  • Automated email or text alerts notify when guest takes action
  • Read-only mobile access for chefs and management


Full Integration

Make sure every guest experience gets the full experience- and all the details are right. Walk-ins, reservations and guests of an event should always receive the best.

TableWatch & Reservationist integration keeps the event packet paperless. Event automatically shows on assigned tables. When it’s “go” time, host, culinary and dining room management teams have all the information they need with the touch of button.


  • Event automatically displaying in table management system
  • Unified guest profile & dining history for complete transparency
  • View “a la carte” bookings directly from within EventPlanner
  • View all event bookings directly from within TableWatch and Reservationist
  • “Thank You” email or text send to guest to ensure feedback
  • Final sales & tip-out can be recorded within TableWatch, Reservationist or EventPlanner for easy recording

The Event Planning Cycle

In a business where private dining can earn (or boost) as much as 50% of total revenue, friction must be reduced at every possible step of the event planning process. This begins with an organized and consistent marketing strategy and is completed when the host of the event, and all guests, have left the restaurant, provided feedback, and hopefully, shared with the world the details of an amazing private dining experience. We make this happen with a complete event planning cycle.

Complete your event planning cycle by uniting your leads, operations, customer data and communications into a seamless system.

Built-in Lead & Sales Generation

See for yourself how our dynamic booking widget has it’s own built-in lead generating capacity. Even if you don’t have the EventPlanner module, TableWatch & Reservationist users can benefit from this advanced capability.

Maximize Every Event’s Profit Potential

Without automation, it’s likely your event coordinator spends 80% of their time filling out spreadsheets, printing, faxing, getting decisions over the phone, sending updates to the kitchen for menu approvals, etc.

We flip this around to what it should be. 80% sales. Our event packet is 100% digital, freeing you up from the constraints of paper. From lead, to estimate, to signatures & credit card details. We eliminate file attachements, paper, scanning and faxing. When the guest makes their menu choices the kitchen sheet’s automatically updated.

Let our event planning experts show you how we can help you ensure each event is as memorable and profitable as it should be.