POSeReserve Upgrade

Thank you for updating to version 1.650.40!

This upgrade includes:
  • New voice and text communication opportunities
  • New credit card deposit and invoicing options for both reservations and guest profiles
  • Call list automation
  • Automated reservation confirmation calling
  • Automated anniversary & birthday promotions
  • Enhanced personal dining profiles
  • Enhancements to our feedback response system:
    • Optional guest audio recording & transcriptions
    • Manager response templates
    • Manager level promotions
  • Much more!

From reducing labor costs through automation, to capturing deeper levels of customer data, to driving last minute business, you may look forward to building better customer relationships by engaging in email, text and now, voice communications. New capabilities will bring 24/7 convenience to your guests while reducing your labor overhead. For full details, please be sure to read our complete release notes:


Upgrade Guidelines:
  1. Close out of any open versions of POSeReserve, TableLink or TableStatus
  2. Delete the old application file(s)
  3. Download the new version(s) with corresponding link below and save the new file(s) to the computer’s desktop:

POSeReserve – PC 1.650.40

POSeReserve – MAC 1.650.40

TableLink Build 1.71

TableStatus Build 1.71

Application Registration:

When a copy of this application is downloaded onto any computer, you or any other users will be prompted for an “Authorized Email Address” for registration purposes.

You must use the authorized email address to activate your application on any additional computers. Any user can register a new computer using their manager username and password, but they MUST use only the “Authorized Email Address.” This is the email address associated with your POSeReserve account. Please contact support if you are not sure which email address this is.

Computer Security & Firewalls:

You should modify your Windows, Mac or other firewall to set “POSeReserve.exe”, “TableLink.exe” and “TableStatus.exe” as a permitted program with full access or privileges.

If you use any Internet Security Software such as Norton or McAfee, you may need to change settings to allow POSeReserve to access the Internet. The software may automatically prompt you for permission (most likely) or you may have to manually assign Internet access permission to “POSeReserve.exe”. If you have not purchased anti-virus software, AVG has a free anti-virus software version that works well.

** Do not use Trend Micro Anti-Virus or Trend Micro Internet Security with POSeReserve.

Upgrade & Training Assistance:
  • If you’re interested in seeing any new functionality in action or schedule staff training, we’re more than happy to do so through your POSitouch dealer.

Thank you for using POSeReserve!