Troubleshooting General

We want to ensure that your experience using RestaurantConnect is as smooth and productive as possible. However, from time to time you may encounter issues that are beyond our control to prevent, and may need a troubleshooting manual.

If there is an issue that has prevented us from delivering a message, you should receive a notification via email to the email address linked to that user account and this will also be available in the Bounced View on that user account and your notifications centre. Please see the specific options available for Facebook, Twitter, etc. which should assist in regards to bounced message issues.

If the issue is affecting your dashboard instead, please see the topics below:

I Am Unable To Switch Users

Services I’ve Set Up Or Which Have Been Shared With My Account Are Not Displaying

I Have Made Changes To A Message Or Service But This Change Is Not Being Saved

My Messages Are Not Being Sent At The Correct Times What Do I Do?