How Do I Set Up A New User

1. Select Manage from the top bar, from the dropdown menu select Admin and then Users. You can also select Users from the Manage options list to the left of the page when using Manage options.

2. Select the New User button.

The following window will be displayed so that you can provide the details for the new user.

3. Name or Company is the name that will be displayed on their User Account. You’ll also need to provide the email address that will be linked to their account and username which they can use instead of their email address to login. Please note: You cannot use the same email address on more than one account.

4. Permissions Groups are set up in a separate menu from the Users option. With Permissions Groups, you can restrict the features that user has access to.

Additional User Details

1. Click on Account from the options to the left to select the type of User Account you want to set up for that user.

2. Users can manage other users as well as be managed themselves. Use the Managed By option to select a manager for this user. This will help form a hierarchy of users.

3. Select the accounts you want this user to have access to. This allows the user to be able to view all correspondence on the other accounts selected here.

4. A hierarchy is used to show management of users. If set to yes user will have access to all users in their hierarchy, from the top manager all the way to the lowest level. If set to no, user will only have access to the accounts of those selected in the has access to box above.

5. Select the type of User Account you want that user to have:

Admin: The user will have access to all other user accounts and use additional Admin options.

Team Member: The user will have access to users defined in their user setup.

Client: The user will only have access to their account, their messages, etc. and have no access to other user accounts unless they are set up to manage them.

6. Select the Workflow option from the list to the left to set up approval settings.

7. Clicking the Yes option will bring up a list of users to choose from on your Plan. The account chosen will need to
approve all of this user’s messages.

8.Use the Other menu to add or edit custom fields.

9. Once you’ve provided all the options you want to add for that user account, select the Create User button.