How Do I Add A Widget To My Website To Capture New Contacts

1. Go to Manage > Contacts.

2. Select Mailing Lists from the list to the right. Please note: You will need to have set up a Mailing List before you will be able to set up the widget.

3. Click on the arrow to the right of the Mailing List and then select Signup Forms option from the dropdown menu.

widget capture contacts restaurant social media

4. The following window will be displayed. You will first need to select the fields that you wish to have appear on your sign up form. The First Name, Last Name and Email fields will be selected by default as this information must be provided in order for that contact to be saved on Sendible. The rest of the fields are optional so if you’d like to add any to the form, tick the box opposite that field.

5. Next, you’ll need to add the text you want to appear on the button that visitors will select once they complete your form and the URL they will be directed to once they select this button to submit their details.

6. If you’d like to receive an email notification when someone completes the form, add the email address(es) that should receive these notifications into the text box provided. Please make sure to separate multiple email addresses with commas.

widget capture contacts restaurant social media

7. When you access the signup widget option, the theme will automatically be set to Classic. This means that our standard styling will be applied in the HTML code for the widget. If you want to apply your own styling, please choose the Naked Theme option so that our styling is not included.

8. If you’ve set up custom fields for contacts, these will also be displayed in the fields section of the window so you can select them to add to your sign up widget.

9. You can check what the form will look like in the Preview area and, when you’re happy with the fields that have been added, etc. you can copy the HTML provided and add this to the appropriate page on your website.

10. When you’re finished, click the Ok, I’m Done button to close the window.

widget capture contacts restaurant social media