How Can I Send Automatic Emails To My Contacts

1. Click on Manage and then select Contacts.

2. Select Mailing Lists from the right. If you haven’t set up a Mailing List already, please see this page which shows you how to do this.

3. Click on the arrow opposite the name of the appropriate Mailing List.

4. Select Autoresponders from the dropdown menu.

5. Select the option to create a new Autoresponder.

6. First, you’ll need to provide a name for that Autoresponder for your own reference.

7. Next, you’ll need to select when emails are sent out in relation to that autoresponder. So for example, if you wanted to provide a discount coupon for someone’s birthday, you could set this to ‘2 days before Birthday’ and include the coupon or discount code in the email.

8. To ensure that the email is sent out as appropriate, you will need to ensure that the appropriate information has been added for that contact. So if this will be in relation to that contact’s Birthday, you will need to ensure that the date of their Birthday has been added in their contact details.

9. You can then select the time that email is sent around (this is based on the timezone set on that user account).

10. Next, you can start adding the content from the email starting off with the subject for the email.

11. When adding your main text for the email, you can use the Rich Text options to format text as needed. You can also copy in HTML if you’ve already created the layout for the email.

12. Using Merge Tags, you can also personalize the email so that it includes the receiver’s first name, last name or similar.

13. To add merge tags to the email, click on the box next to the merge tag you want to add.

14. When you’ve selected the merge tag/s you want to add to the email, select the Insert Selected Tags button. You may need to rearrange where the tags are placed once you’ve added them to the email.

15. Once you’re happy with the settings for your Autoresponder and the email content, go ahead and save it. Please note: Autoresponders will use up email credits (1 email credit per email to a contact) therefore you will need to ensure that you have enough email credits to cover this based on the Mailing List the Autoresponder has been set up for or you can check from time to time that there are email credits on that user account and top this up as needed. It’s also good to note that you can set up multiple Autoresponders for the same Mailing List.