How Do I Add An Additional User License To My Existing Plan

1. Go to Manage > Admin.

2. Select Subscription.

3. Where the current number of users on your plan is listed, use the upward pointing arrow to raise the number according to the number of user licenses you wish to add to that plan. Please note: you cannot reduce the number of user accounts on your plan below the standard amount included in your current plan.

4. The amount listed should change to reflect the amount you will be charged on your next billing date once the new user license/s are added to your account. This amount will not be charged until your next billing date but a pro-rata amount will be charged to cover the new user/s until your next billing date.

5. You can also change how often you’re billed from here. You can choose to be billed monthly, quarterly (every 3 months), half yearly (every 6 months) or annually (every year).

6. Once you’ve adjusted your current plan as required, select the Adjust Current Plan button.

7. You will be asked to confirm the credit card that should be charged to add the additional user/s.

8. Once you have provided this information, select the Upgrade Plan button. Once payment is successful, you will then be able to set up additional user accounts.