How Can I View My Receipts

1. To access your receipts in Subscription area, you will need to be logged in as an Admin. You will then need to go to Manage > Admin > Subscription. Alternatively, if you’re already in the Manage area, select Subscription from the list to the left of the page.

2. Click on Invoices from the list to the right.

3. To print your invoice, select the Print option next to that receipt.

4. If you have more invoices than the system displays by default, select the option to display invoices from further back if needed.

5. If you need your VAT number to be included on the invoice, you can add this to the box provided.

6. Should you need to have invoices automatically sent to another email such as your billing or accounts department, you can add their email address in the Email invoices to field and then, when invoices are sent out after successful charges, that email address(es) will also receive the emailed invoices.

7. If you add a VAT number or an email address(es), make sure to click the Save button to save this information.

If you select the print option, the invoice will be displayed as shown below: