Where Can I Check Updates To An RSS Feed

1. Click on Manage and then Feeds in the dropdown menu or, if you’re already in the Monitor area, select Feeds from the list to the left.

2. You can access different feeds you’ve set up by clicking on the name of the appropriate RSS Feed in the list to the right.

3. You can view where an update was originally posted using the Globe icon or share a post by clicking the Share icon in which case the Compose Box will be opened and that post will be automatically loaded into it.

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4. You can also access RSS Feeds through the Compose Box. Once you’ve clicked on the Compose button to the top right of any page, select the Content icon to the bottom of the Compose Box.

rss feed restaurant social media management

5. The RSS option will be selected by default.

6. You can view different RSS Feeds using the dropdown menu provided by selecting the name of the RSS Feed you wish to view.

7. You can also set up a new RSS Feed using the New Feed button.

8. If the RSS Feed you’re viewing does not already have an Autoposter set up for you, you can create one by selecting the New Auto Post button. Alternatively, if you do already have an  Autoposter set up for an RSS Feed, this button will allow you to edit the settings for that RSS Auto Poster if required.

9. To easily share posts from an RSS Feed, select the Share button opposite the post you wish to share for it to be automatically populated into the Compose Box. You can then add the services you want to post it to, select scheduling options, etc.

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