How Do I Share Or Transfer Services – BrandManager for Restaurants

1. Select Services and then My Services under the list to the left of the page.

share transfer restaurant reservations services software

2. Once you’ve located the service you want to Share or Transfer, select the arrow on it next to the Edit and Delete icons.

3. In the dropdown menu, select either Sharing or Transfer depending on what you’re looking to do.

share transfer restaurant managing services software

4. If you’ve selected the Sharing option, the following pop-up will appear. To share the service with another user account, select the name of the user account.

5. You can then use the right pointing arrow to transfer that use account from the Team Members/Clients box to the Currently Shared With box. If you need to share the service with additional users, simply repeat this process. If you need to remove a service from being shared, select the user account in the Currently Shared With box and then use the left pointing arrow to move that user account from that box to the Team Members/Clients. Please Note: The user accounts that display in the Team Members/Clients box will depend on the user accounts you have access to.

6. Once you’ve shared the service with the appropriate user account(s), click the Close option. Please Note: Services which have been shared from another user account will not be displayed here as, if a service is shared, the user it is shared with will not have permission to edit or delete that service, etc. from their own user account.

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7. If you select the Transfer option instead, the following pop-up will appear. To transfer the service, simply select the user account you want to transfer that service to from the dropdown menu. Please note: Some services should not be transferred as they are depending on other services linked to that account, eg. an RSS Auto Poster service.

8. Once you’ve selected the user account you wish to transfer a service to, select the Transfer button.

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