How Do I Set Up Custom Fields – BrandManager For Restaurants

1. Go to Manage > Admin > Custom Fields.

2. The process for adding custom fields is the same regardless if you’re adding this for Users, Contacts or Channels. First select the Category from the list to the right.

3. Then, select the New Field button.

4. Next you’ll need to give your field a name for your own reference.

5. You can then select whether the field is mandatory and information must be provided when setting up a new user or similar or whether this can be left blank if needed.

6. You then need to select what type of field you want to set up. So for example, if you wanted to note where a contact came from, you could create a List field for contacts and then add a number of different options such as Social Media, Email, etc. and you can then select the appropriate option when adding a contact. Another example is if you want to send an email out to contacts just before their birthday. You could add a Date field to contacts so that, when you add a contact or they sign up via a signup widget, their Birthday can be recorded and then this can be used for an email autoresponder set to email contacts before their Birthday. You can also use the URL field to send out custom links if for example you’re sending out the same message but to a number of franchises social accounts and you want the link to be custom based on the franchise.

7. You can then select which order that field should be in under Other, e.g. should it be the first field that is filled in or the third. If the third, this should be set to 3.

8. Once you’re happy with the settings, click the Save button.

9. Once the field is set up, you can Edit or Delete the field from the Custom Fields area of the dashboard.

10. When you want to add information to that field, for Users and Contacts, the field will be available under the Other option.

11. You can also directly add New Fields under Other and the field will then be available when editing existing users and setting up new users.

12. To highlight this again, when you want to add information to custom fields for Contacts, this will also be available under Other.

13. You can also add New Fields for contacts in this area. That field will then be available on all contacts you’ve already set up when editing a contact or for new contacts.

14. If you set up custom fields for Services, this will be available once you’ve set up the service by going to Services > My Services and then selecting the downward pointing arrow on that service.

15. Next, select Tags from the dropdown menu.

16. You can then add the necessary information into that field and save it.