How Do I Set Up A Review Monitoring In BrandManager

1. Select Services and then Monitoring from the list to the left.

2. Where the Review Monitoring service is listed, click Add.

Social media review monitoring tool BrandManager restaurants marketing

3. Provide a description for your Review Monitoring service.

4. We currently monitor four review sites directly through Sendible and these are the options which are listed by default when you access this settings page. If the review page you’re looking to monitor is on either a Yelp, TripAdvisor, or City Search page, add the URL for that page into the appropriate box. Please Note: you can only add one URL per URL box. So for example, if you wanted to monitor two Trip Advisor pages, you would need to add the first URL, save the service and then set up a separate Review Monitoring service with the second URL. If you wanted to monitor a Yelp Page and a Trip Advisor Page, the URLs for both can be added into the same Review Monitoring service settings page.

Social media review monitoring tool BrandManager restaurants marketing

5. We have partnered with Review Push to provide more options for review site monitoring so if you have a Review Push account and you want to add a URL for a site that they support, select the ‘Yes’ option from this dropdown menu.

6. If you don’t have a Review Push account and would like to set one up, please use the link provided which will direct you to Review Push and include a 30% discount on their plans.

7. You’ll then need to add your Review Push details to enable us to pull through data from your Review Push account. To find the Review Push API key, secret, and location ID(s) on Review Push, please go to Settings > ReviewPush API in the Review Push dashboard when logged into your Review Push account. You may need to click the button that says “Set up API Access” if it is not
already turned on.

8. Once you’ve added your Review Push details, you can add in the URLs for the review sites listed. Once again, you can only add one URL per field.

Social media review monitoring tool BrandManager restaurants marketing

9. You can add email addresses into this box so that, when reviews come through, an email notification will be sent to those email addresses.

10. If you’ve added email addresses to the box above, make sure to select how often emails should be sent from the Email Notifications dropdown menu.

11. When you’re happy with the settings, go ahead and select the Save button.

Social media review monitoring tool BrandManager restaurants marketing

12. You can then check reviews from the dashboard by going to Monitor > Keywords.

13. Under the Reviews heading to the right, the review sites you’re monitoring will be displayed. Click on the the appropriate description for the reviews from that page to be displayed.

14. The system will perform sentiment analysis on reviews however, as this is done using an algorithm, the sentiment displayed may not be correct. Select either the thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral icon to change the sentiment for that post. You cannot reply directly to a review from BrandManager however, if you click the source icon that looks like a globe, you will be taken to the review site.

Social media review monitoring tool BrandManager restaurants marketing