How Do I Set Up A Keyword And Brand Monitor in BrandManager

1. To set up a keyword and brand monitoring functionality in the BrandManager software module for restaurant marketing communications, select Services at the top of the Dashboard and then click Monitoring on the left-hand side.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications

2. Select Add where Brand & Keyword is listed.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications

3. Enter a name for your monitoring term – This is how the stream will appear in the sidebar. give it a name you can recognize.

Now you’ll have to define your keywords you want to monitor.

The next three boxes (4, 5, 6) accept words ( restaurant), phrases (“waterfront steakhouse”) or combinations of up to 5 words or phrases per box, separated by a comma.

4. Has all of these words: everything written here WILL BE in your search result. Words here will be taken as word1 AND word2 AND phrase2.

For example, if you input: restaurant, waterfront  steakhouse, bar> that’s interpreted as: restaurant AND “waterfront steakhouse” AND bar.

restaurant and bar are single words, and waterfront steakhouse is a phrase; it’s all about where you put the comma.

If these are your search words, mentions will only appear in your stream if they have ALL of those words and phrases.

NOTE: Mentions with just “waterfront” or just “steakhouse” won’t come in; they have to be together in a phrase as “waterfront steakhouse.”

5. Have any of these words (Optional): things written here will taken as word1 OR word2 OR phrase1. a example could be waterfront steakhouse, restaurant, bar, which is interpreted as “waterfront steakhouse” OR restaurant OR bar; the results will be about waterfront steakhouses, OR restaurant, or bars.

6. Don’t have these words (Optional): the words/phrases written here will exclude mentions with those words/phrases from the stream.

7. Google Alerts Feed (Optional): Here is where you add a google alerts RSS Feed to get latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.), based on your queries.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications

Click ‘Create a Google Alerts Feed’ below the field box to taken to Google alerts (in a pop up window).

Ensure the alert is set to Deliver to Feed and click Create Alert then locate your Alert and click on the orange RSS Icon.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications

Copy the RSS URL into the box back in the dashboard.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications

8. The default filters are set to collect mentions from all locations but you can narrow down a specific location here entering Town, City, Country and Zip/Post Code. For more advance geo-targetting use the Longitude and Latitude and radial distance in miles fields. Please Note: If you do select to use Geo-targeting settings, the amount of results we can provide will largely be limited to Twitter and a few other social sites which support this.

9. Here you can set types of email notifications you would like to leave as well as add additional addresses to receive mention alerts.

10. Remember to Save Settings.

BrandManager software restaurant marketing communications