How Do I Reply On Twitter via BrandManager Restaurant Marketing Software

1. To set up automatic replies on Twitter via BrandManager, click on Services and then select the Apps option from the list to the left.

Twitter auto reply BrandManager restaurant software

2. Click the Add option where the Auto Reply service is listed.

Twitter auto reply BrandManager restaurant software

3. Add a relevant description for the Service.

4. Select the Twitter account you want the automation to apply to.

5. Select whether you want to reply based on matches found in Tweets or Profiles. Please Note: the system can currently only return a limited number of results based on Profiles so if you select this option, you should edit this service once replies are no longer being sent so that it matches results in Tweets instead.

6. Add the keywords or interests that you want the system to search for.

7. Add how often you want the system to send out replies.

8. Include the messages you want to send out. These will be selected at random and each message should be included on a separate line (you can drag the lower corner of the text box to make it larger) and each should be under 140 characters. You can also include merge tags as highlighted below the text box so that replies are personalized.

9. Select how many Tweets you want to send out each time (based on the frequency you selected in point 7) and whether you only want to reply to Tweets that match a particular sentiment. Please note: as the system determines the sentiment of a Tweet, it may not always be entirely accurate as it cannot pick up on things such as sarcasm or slang.

Twitter auto reply BrandManager restaurant software

10. Select which language the keywords you want to reply to should be in.

11. If you only want to reply to Twitter users within a specific area or location, you can add the Country, City or town or provide a specific Longitude or Latitude. You can also select the distance around that area you want to include.

12. You can also select to automatically follow Twitter users you reply to.

Twitter auto reply BrandManager restaurant software

13. If you select to follow those you reply to, you can then also select whether you want to receive email notifications when you follow Twitter accounts. Put the email address/es you want to receive these email notifications into the text box provided.

14. Lastly, you can Activate or Pause an automation to meet your needs. When you’re ready, click the Save Settings button.

Twitter auto reply BrandManager restaurant software