How Do I Add My Blog To Brand Manager

1. To add your blog to the BrandManager module, select the Services option at the top of any page. WordPress, Blogger and Blogspot options will be listed on the Most Popular page. If you’re looking to add one of these, select the relevant Add option. For all other blogs, select the Blogs option to the left of the page.

How to add WordPress blog to BrandManager restaurant marketing

2. Starting off with WordPress, if you select the Add button where WordPress is listed, the following pop up will appear. Click the Setup button opposite the appropriate WordPress option.

How to add WordPress blog to BrandManager restaurant marketing

3. On the following page, you’ll first need to provide the URL for your blog as shown in the example provided.

4. Then you’ll need to provide your Administrator email address and password. Once you’ve done that, you can adjust the other settings as required and then select the Save Settings button. Once complete, your blog will be available to post to in the Message Box.

Blog WordPress restaurants marketing BrandManager RestaurantConnect

5. If you clicked the Blog option to view all the available Blog types that you can link to BrandManager, you’ll see the following page. As before, click the Add button where the Blog type you want to add is listed.

Blog WordPress Blogger Tumblr restaurants BrandManager RestaurantConnect

6. If you’ve selected to add a Tumblr blog or similar, a pop-up will appear asking you to provide your login details for that site. Once you’ve done this, select the Log In button.

Blog Tumblr restaurants BrandManager RestaurantConnect

7. The site may ask you to confirm that you want BrandManager/RestaurantConnect to post on your behalf. You must allow or accept any permissions requested in order for the service to be added correctly.

Blog WordPress restaurants BrandManager RestaurantConnect

8. Once you’ve accepted any permissions requested, you can choose the URL for the blogging page you’re looking to post to.

9. You can also choose where you want to receive alerts for new activity. Once you’ve done this, save your settings.


10. As before, that blog will then be available to post to in the Message Box.