How Do I Add A Twitter Search Stream

1. Select Services and then, where Twitter is listed, click Add.

2. Select Setup where the Twitter Search service is listed.

Twitter to BrandManager of RestaurantConnect reservations system

3. Add a description in the text box for your reference.

4. Add in the search terms you wish to monitor Twitter for. Please ensure that multiple keywords and/or phrases are separated by OR and not commas or similar.

5. Next you can select whether you only want to receive entries in a particular language. Please Note: This will depend on whether this information has been added to Twitter profiles which have used the term you’re searching for in their tweets.

6. You can also select whether you only want to receive results from a particular Country. As above, this will be affected by whether or not someone has added this information correctly on their Twitter profile.

7. If you do want to receive results from just a particular location, you can narrow this down to a particular area or city in that Country using the location option by typing in the name of the location and then selecting Locate Place.

Twitter to BrandManager of RestaurantConnect reservations system

8. If needed, you can use the Latitude and Longitude options to pinpoint a specific area that the search should radiate from. Please Note: these fields cannot be left blank however, if you don’t select a specific Country or Location, they will not be taken into account.

9. You can also select the radius around the location you’ve selected if relevant. If you’ve selected a very small radius around a specific location, you may find that few results are returned so we would advise widening the radius if this is the case.

10. Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve included, click Save Settings. A Stream displaying results for this search will then be available in the Priority Inbox. If you only want to perform a quick search on Twitter, you can also use the quick search option to search for results on Twitter as explained on this page however, this will not include language or location options.

Twitter BrandManager of RestaurantConnect reservations system