Braintree Setup Guidelines

Setting up Braintree Payments allows you to capture guest’s credit card information in a safe, PCI compliant way both in-house and online. This protects both the restaurant and guests by reducing liability for “card not present” situations. The restaurant also benefits from greater financial security with the ability to authenticate and verify each credit card as it’s entered into RestaurantConnect. This helps to reduce fraud, protect seating inventory and improve operational efficiency for reservationists, hosts, management and event coordinators. Guests appreciate the comfort of providing their credit card details conveniently from their own computer or mobile device without having to send faxes, emails or using other less secure means of sharing their credit card data.

*Please note: this integration is not intended to replace your current POS payment processing system. This functionality is available as an add-on to provide a PCI compliant option for capturing guest’s credit card information at times when the guest is not at the restaurant to present their card. Braintree fees apply.

Step 1: Complete Braintree Merchant Application

  • In the RestaurantConnect Administrator module, go to Settings -> General -> Braintree Integration and select the orange “Activate Braintree Integration” button:
  • You’ll be taken to the Braintree Sign Up page:
  • When completing the application, please note (very important):
    • DO NOT put the restaurant’s TOTAL sales in the form
    • DO NOT put a high transaction number in the form.
    • Be sure to select “Services” in the “Industry” section. If Retail/Physical Goods is selected, they’ll ask for a fulfillment center, which is not applicable to a restaurant.Example options completed:
With RestaurantConnect’s Braintree functionality used as a way to secure a reservation, charge a cancellation fee ONLY when the party is a no show, the requested credit card volume projections should only be estimates of what may actually be charged (not the restaurant’s actual credit card sales volume).
For example, if you were to establish a $25 cancellation fee, and the average reservation is 3 guests, we’d consider your average no show rate to estimate what would actually be charged to the guest.
If you had a total of 20 no shows on a night with an average of 3 guests, then this would be 60 guests x $25 no show fee = $1,500 total for the night. If this was limited to major holidays, then averages like this would suggest around $10,000 a year.
These are only examples to consider when entering credit card projections into the Braintree application.
If actual yearly sales volume is added for the Braintree projections and/or a high per transaction number is submitted (such as $5,000), these high numbers may require more information/effort on your part in regard to what’s really needed here.
  • Please allow 7 – 14 day for the application process to be completed and approved. You will receive an email notification from Braintree at this time.

Step 2: Add Braintree’s API Keys to RestaurantConnect:

Upon Braintree approval, please complete the following steps to activate your RestaurantConnect integration with Braintree:
  • Obtain your Braintree gateway credentials:
  • Login to the RestaurantConnect Administrator module
    • Navigate to Settings -> General
    • In the Braintree Integration section copy the following from Braintree to RestaurantConnect:
      • Merchant ID
      • Public Key
      • Private Key
    • Click “Save”

Congratulations! Your Braintree integration is now complete and ready to go!

Next Steps: