Braintree Credit Card Management Guidelines

RestaurantConnect’s Braintree integration provides restaurants with flexible options to capture guest’s credit card information in a safe, PCI compliant way both in-house and online.

To activate this integration, please review our setup guidelines here.

With the Braintree integration activated, restaurants will be able to:

  • Require guests to provide credit card details in order to book a reservation online for select dates, times and party sizes. This is only an authentication option. The credit card is verified. No payment is taken at this time.
  • Capture credit card details over the phone during the booking process via Reservationist or TableWatch
  • Create fast reservation agreements from predefined templates that can be emailed to the guest where they can enter their credit card details directly into the reservation agreement form
  • Process a payment
  • Easily view which reservations have a credit card profile associated with the guest’s dining profile
  • Easily view which reservations have had a transaction take place and money has been received
  • Use our ticketing module to require payment at the time of booking. This may be for either deposit or per-guest transactions.

Require a credit card to book an online reservation

To prompt a guest to provide their credit card information to secure a reservation, login to the RestaurantConnect Administrator module and do any of the following:

  • For special dates such as Mother’s Day, Easter, New Year’s Eve, etc:
    • Setup a special meal period in the Administrator module and select the “Require Credit Card” option:
    • At step 4, set the number for the Credit Card Count (CC Cnt) to anything at 1 or above:
  • For days of the week only such as Friday or Saturday:
    • In the Administrator module, open the Regular meal period to activate credit card requirements
    • Select the “Require Credit Card” option:
    • At step 4, set the number for the Credit Card Count (CC Cnt) to anything at 1 or above:
  • For specific party sized such as 8 tops or 10 tops, simply change the Credit Card Count (CC Cnt) to the number of guests required. For example, to require a credit card for any reservations with 8 guests or more, this value would be set to 8. Reservations booked from 1 – 7 will not be prompted to provide credit card details to book the reservation.
  • Use the “Advanced Inventory” section in the Regular Meal Period’s Step 3 (Inventory) to further customize credit card requirements for days of the week, specific hours of the day, and the number of guests:
  • Once a meal period has Braintree settings completed, the online booking widget will automatically respond accordingly. No further adjustments are necessary:
    • Credit Card Required for guest to see when choosing times:
    • Prior to booking, guest will be prompted to enter their credit card details:
    • Terms & Conditions must be agreed to. Please refer to the Braintree Setup Guidelines for details regarding the setup of the restaurant’s Terms & Conditions.

Obtain a credit card in-house when booking a reservation via phone

  • Book the reservation as normal, but select “Open CC Profile”:
  • When the reservation is booked, the Billing Profile will open.
    • If the guest does not have an existing billing profile, the credit card details can be entered and saved for future reference.
    • If the guest already has an existing billing profile, the credit card details will be loaded. For example:
    • Once the credit card details are added or loaded, be sure the “Apply To Reservation” option is selected. The reservation will then be associated with a specific credit card.
      • Because RestaurantConnect can save multiple credit cards to a single guest profile, a business credit card could be associated with  a business lunch reservation, while a personal credit card could be associated with a personal dinner reservation.

Adding credit card details to an existing reservation

  • The dollar sign billing icon for Braintree functionality:

    • When the icon is orange, a card can be added to the reservation
    • When the icon is blue, a card has been authorized and is associated with the reservation
    • When the icon is green, the authorized card has a charge on it for the loaded reservation (need to upload files in the morning for this to show correctly in the reservation log)
  • When clicking on the dollar sign icon from the Reservation Details screen, the guest’s billing profile will open, where new credit card details can be added:

Making a transaction

  • Open the “Billing Profile” window via the Reservation Details window. The available credit cards will load.
  • Select the “New Transaction” button:
  • Because this action charges the guest’s credit card, manager level credentials are required to proceed:
  • Once access is approved, the amount to be charged can be entered, along the name of the person charging the guest and an optional message to the guest:

Viewing credit card capture states in the reservation log

  • When a reservation has an associated credit card profile, there will be a blue dollar icon
  • When a reservation has an associated credit card profile with a transaction, there will be a green dollar icon

Using the Reservation Agreement Forms

Reservation Agreements are a convenient way to digitally collect guest signatures, credit card information and convey certain expectations regarding a guest’s booking. Holidays, large parties, special events are examples of situations where an extra level of assurance, or recourse, is needed to secure a reservation time and date.

When the Braintree integration is activated, Reservation Agreement forms are unlocked with the ability to request the guest’s credit card details.

  • Setup and Updating your Reservation Agreement Templates
    • To setup your reservation agreements, go to TOOLS -> Preferences -> Agreement Templates
    • Existing templates can be edited, or new ones can be added with the New Template button
  • Adding an Agreement to a new reservation
    • When booking a reservation, select the “Create Agreement” option
    • After the reservation is complete, select from one of the available Agreement Template Documents. The selected template will be copied to the new reservation. Any portion of the template’s text can be modified for the specific needs of the new reservation. When any necessary edits are complete, select “Save”:
    • The new reservation agreement is ready to now be sent to the guest. Select the “Require Credit Card” option to deliver the credit card form, with the agreement, to the guest via email:
    • The guest will receive an email with a prompt to visit the Reservation Agreement Page:
    • The full reservation agreement with credit card form will open with automatically generated reservation details, the agreement and billing details form:
    • By submitting the billing details, this will also digitally sign the reservation agreement. The the guest will be sent an email to confirm that the billing details have been received:
    • A similar confirmation email as displayed above will be sent to the restaurant’s primary email address. In the reservation log, the reservation will display a green clipboard, denoting that credit card billing details are associated with the reservation:
    • To view the reservation agreement, select the clipboard icon. The masked (PCI compliant) credit card information will be shown, along with the agreed-to signed date:
    • NOTE: Reservation agreements are for basic reservation confirmations, credit card or signature capture to create a fully digital experience regarding guest communications. For more advanced management of private dining, groups and other events where menus, contracts and advanced planning are required, we recommend our fully integrated EventPlanner module.

Additional Credit Card Management Options & Reporting

For more advanced functionality such as reporting, voids and other transaction types, login to your merchant account portal at