Life Made Easy With TableWatch

There are many variables that come along with running a restaurant. Some of which you anticipated and planned for, and some of which – well, you just had to learn on the fly. But there is one variable that is essential to running an effective business and that is your table management software. You need a solid system that is tailored to fit your specific floor plan; one that keeps things running smoothly during peak hours; one that actually helps manage the flow of seated diners and guests waiting their turn. With our dynamic table management software, TableWatch, you will have just that.

Here are five TableWatch features that will make your life easier:


1. Text Messages. Say goodbye to clunky pagers and hello to easy text messages. Instead of wasting money on purchasing and maintaining pagers (while crowding up your host stand and spreading unwanted germs), liberate your guests and impress them with a quick, yet personalized text. Once a table is ready, a text is sent and you’re ready to go.

2. VIP Text & Email Alerts. Attention to detail is important when you are looking to stand out above competing restaurants. Guests want to feel at home, but how can they if we don’t know them? With this game-changing feature, any team member you choose can create a list of VIP guests, and be notified (via text and/or email) every time those special guests reserve or arrive at the restaurant.

You received a text that your investor just dropped in for lunch randomly? Call him up and table touch without even being at the restaurant. Did your team forget to tell you about that food critic coming in? No problem, there’s now a system in place for that so that you don’t miss a beat. Does your new bar manager need to be prepared for those rowdy regulars? It’s now taken care of – every time.

3. Advanced Server Rotation. A host teams’ dream come true. This user-friendly calculator provides several ways to manage the server rotation, keeping everyone happy and your host team out of the line of fire. Most servers prefer a rotation based on total cover count for even tip distribution. Nonetheless, you may opt for an automatic rotation that simply moves the server next in line to the top of the list or a rotation based on current tables.

4. Table Turns. Restaurants will tell you that TableWatch improves table turning (increasing revenues) by providing seating durations, table status icons (seated, dessert, check paid, etc.) and departure estimates — all helping your host team seat guests quickly and quote wait times more precisely. Maximize your dining room capacity by pre-assigning reservations to know your exact availability.

5. Flexible Floor Plan. You can prepare for a large variety of situations, but when that unexpected walk-in party of 12 wanders in, that young host team needs some quick guidance. A restaurant floor plan system must be intuitive enough to help you operate an ever-changing dining room – not a system that sits idle and boxes you in.

With TableWatch, even new hires will easily learn – not only your tables – but also the best combinations for large parties by utilizing our automatic table combination functionality. Based on live availability, this system analyzes your current dining room traffic and helps guide host teams to available table groups to ensure that your guests get seated promptly. After all, no one wants an open table – it’s no fun for guests and lost revenue for you.

This is just a tiny taste of how adaptable our restaurant management software is for your distinct operational needs.