Dining Room Management

Fun Features for Better Restaurant Management

Be sure to get the most out of your system by taking advantage of RestaurantConnect‘s TableWatch features in ways you may not be aware of! This new software feature will help you to get better restaurant management by keeping your team on top of potential situations that can often create missed opportunities for both VIP-guests and the not-so-well behaved visitors.

XXPM Notices w/Manager Note

As the TableWatch‘s user, you may be aware of the XXPM notification feature, that sends text alerts when a VIP-guest is seated in the restaurant. This is a great way to stay on top of your game whether on or off location! You can now attach a manager’s note from the guest’s profile to the XXPM message, so that your alerts include additional information about the guest:

XXPM with Manager Note

To assign a manager note to a XXPM message:

  1. Open the guest’s profile you want to be alerted
  2. Selected the “Manager Note” tab
  3. Open an existing manager note or click the plus sign to create a new note
  4. Complete or update the form and be sure to select the “XXPM” checkbox.
  5. Save



Don’t forget to activate the user profiles that you want to receive the XXPM alerts:

  1. In the Administrator module, go the the “Staff”
  2. Click on “Archive” to pull up the complete list of user profiles
  3. Select the name of the user you wish to receive XXPM alerts
  4. In the “Edit Contact Info” section, make sure the user has a cell phone number
  5. In the “Edit XXPM Status” section, enter the manager’s name or initials
  6. Select the “XXPM” checkbox
  7. Click the “Save XXPM” button


Now, when you load a guest profile it will include this user in the list of users that may receive the XXPM alert:


Rethink the XXPM functionality, as it’s usefulness reaches beyond getting an alert when a food writer or a repeat customer sits down to dine!

What if your guest had a negative experience last time they were in the restaurant?

What if another guest walked out on their bill?

What if some guests have a habit of drinking too much on Saturday night?

Wouldn’t it be great to be informed of all these nuances when there’s still time to be involved with what happens next, rather than finding out these guests were in the restaurant after it’s too late to be proactive?

The above mentioned enhancement to TableWatch’s XXPM functionality gives you limitless possibilities, and will leave your customers wondering how your team never miss a detail. That’s better restaurant management!

If you aren’t a TableWatch user yet, take a look at some of the ways we may be able to help you run a better restaurant!