7 Ways for Restaurants to Have an Effective Facebook Presence

With over 1.11 billion people using Facebook, there is no question that restaurants need to have their own page. But these days, just simply having a page doesn’t quite cut it.

Sure, having that basic page gives you the benefits of having an actual web presence, but there are certain steps that can take your page and elevate it from average to amazing.

So without further ado:

1. Be Available      

Reviews are a natural part of the business and even though they aren’t always positive, it is vital to your success that you respond. People are looking to see that you care and are willing to work hard to gain their patronage. If someone says something negative, try to look at is an opportunity to reach out and address his or her issue. And hey, if someone says your great, it’s always important to respond to that as well. Acknowledge their praise with appreciation and mutual admiration. The modern Thai restaurant, Sway, is tuned in to its Facebook feed and always ready to respond.

2. Tell Them What You Are About

People are coming to your page to find out more about what is going on at your restaurant. Don’t be afraid to hold back- talk about dish inspirations, show short videos of your chef’s in action and maybe even reveal a few restaurants “secrets.” Everyone wants to know the magic that goes on behind those kitchen doors. So go ahead, indulge them a little. Italian restaurant, Asti, gives its viewers a treat by showing their ravioli making process!

3. Be Visual

Cliché as it may be, a picture really does speak 1,000 words. Posting mouthwatering pictures can bring to life the taste and smell of what you offer. There is no better way to peak someone’s interest and get that grumble going in their stomach than an image. And you don’t have to limit yourself to purely food pics, you can also post cute things that your customers might enjoy as much as you do!

4. Spark Interest

Show your customers that you are more than a restaurant, that you are also a friend who is creative and fun. Of course you are a business that ultimately aims to make money, but being overly promotional can be a turnoff. Try to create a good mix of special offers, promotions, customer engagement, playfulness, etc.  It’s okay to even poke fun of yourself every now and then. It lets people know that you are human too and actually can work wonders for your brand! Another great way to promote yourself is to actually take a step back and let others do it for you. Nothing is more authentic that good old fashion word of mouth marketing. By interacting with your customers, listening and treating them well you can form relationships that will secure these customers as your loyal fans. If they are excited about your restaurant, they’ll be pumped to spread the word.

5. Share Your Accomplishments

Receiving good press is always a pleasure to see.  You’ve worked hard to go above and beyond and get those reviews so don’t be shy to share the positive news! Your fans will be just as elated as you are to see that your accomplishments are not going unnoticed. There is also no denying that all of the publicity coming your way will spread the word about your place and keep that buzz going. Austin’s Uchi does an excellent job and it shows!

6. Be Socially Active

Show that you are modern in terms of communications and up-to-speed by having also your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blog. Not only are these good ways to connect with your customers, but it’s also a good way to follow and be followed. You can get a look at what they like, while sparking their interest for your place at the same.

Twitter can help out with those short and special promotional offers that will inform your customers of certain specials, happy hours and events going on. Just as mentioned in #3, Instagram is great for getting those enticing food pics out there for the world to drool over. And all of these social applications can be promoted on your Facebook page.

7. Be Consistent

Make sure all of your posts are accurate and in line with what goes on inside the restaurant. Now that you are armed with all of your social media weapons (Twitter, Instagram, blog, Facebook), it is important that the information you are putting out is not contradictory to any of the other posts you have created. Post frequently. I know it can be a little overwhelming at first, but set up a schedule and be consistent so that your fans know what to expect and have something to look forward to.