The Best Mom's Day Ever

Reduce no-shows for Mother’s Day with PCI compliant credit card handling

3 quick steps to get the most out of that special Sunday with RestaurantConnect.

1. Reduce no-shows

Minimize costly no-shows by as much as 90% in time for Mother’s Day by adding our PCI-compliant credit card plugin:

  • Guests are less likely to skip out
  • More robust booking options
  • Quick install and easy to use

Upgrade by April 16, 2018, for a special discount for our Braintree integration.

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2. Target your marketing

Get the word out for all Moms from one control center. You’ll reduce marketing costs while seeing response rates in real-time:

  • Send email blasts (and texts!)
  • Post to social media accounts
  • Monitor responses & reputation

Try our free 30-day trial to see just how easily you can reduce costs while building your brand with BrandManager.

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3. Be ready at the door

Create the best memories for your guests by getting the most out of RestaurantConnect through our free online training courses:

  • TableWatch Fundamentals
  • BrandManager Jumpstarter
  • Credit Card Management

Quick & easy courses available 24/7.

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By weaving these steps together, you’ll have more qualified bookings and better marketing results while empowering team members to get every detail right.