Make sure your arrival points are ready

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The Roots of Restaurant Success

Part 1 of 6

When people want to do business, are you ready? Be sure, or opportunity may pass the restaurant by without saying a word. Unspoken actions usually don’t get a second chance.

Each point of contact is new opportunity to save detailed, actionable information.

Use this checklist to make sure all the possible ways a guest may seek to visit your restaurant are user-friendly, easy to understand, updated, accurate and most importantly, ready to nurture each guest relationship:

  • Your own booking widget on your website and Facebook page
    Why?: You don’t know what you don’t know. With a system in place that shepherds the bounty of personalized information that guests want to share with you, opportunities are set in most which position you to better anticipate, plan, deliver and delight.
  • Newsletter opt-in form
  • Rewards loyalty program
  • Private and group dining page (if applicable)
  • Menu is easy to find
  • Contact info on every page and easy to find
  • Call-to-action on every page and easy to find
  • All external portal links directed from sites back to your website
  • The front door has accurate hours of operation, a phone number and website address
  • The phone is answered by staff that is empowered to handle all core questions
  • The host stand is always welcoming and ready to address guest’s questions and seat them as efficiently as possible

With dependable information that guides, welcomes and encourages, this appeal to the core human need of certainty earns the first level of trust that opens doors to long-lasting guest loyalty.

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Adam Christopher
Founder & CEO, RestaurantConnect
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Make sure your arrival points are ready 2018-11-02 11:22:36