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Reservations, Waiting List & CommunicationsAffordable online reservations for your website & Facebook

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Dining Room Operations & FeedbackRobust table management, data collection & automation

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Restaurant Marketing & ReputationSocial media, marketing & reputation management

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Our studies in what makes restaurants great
For many of us, a career focused on serving others is more than just a job. It’s a way of life, where daily challenges are often met with grueling circumstances – both mental and physical. For many of us, the challenges are more than worth it, because the tests we face make us who we are. When what we do impacts the life of those we seek to serve, a bond is created that’s renewed again and again.This hospitality journey tests us, teaches us, and often either makes or break us. Through these experiences, the very best of a restaurant emerges. As we share these experiences with each other, our tradition of excellence in hospitality thrives. For many of us, sharing is just the beginning.
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Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“We could not be happier with their product. The interface is easy to use and their customer support ranks second to none. Thank you Adam Christopher and the team at Restaurant Connect. Your hard work and dedication help thousands of customers find that perfect table at our restaurant each year.”
David Amend, General Manager, Thoroughbreds Chophouse & Seafood Grille
Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“Three years ago I decided it would help my business to use OpenTable. I had no idea that it would be $800-$1,000 a month. We had plenty of business before they came along, and all they did was “convert” our diners to their own website in order to keep getting their $1 per person fees. RestaurantConnect changed that for us. They are a company of restaurateurs and they actually care about the restaurant industry…”
Ned Brown, Owner, The Blue Lion, Jackson Hole
Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“RestaurantConnect is just what we needed to take Fonda San Miguel to the next level. This program is the real deal! We were looking for three main things in a hospitality management system: Online reservations, client database and the ability to get guest feedback. This program can do all of these and so much more. We have seen fantastic results from day one. The RestaurantConnect staff has something that seems to be forgotten in companies these days… The ability to listen to their clients and adapt.”
Danny Herrera, Fonda San Miguel – Top 101 US Restaurants – #54