Cloud Technology to Run your Restaurant
Cloud Technology to Run your Restaurant

Guest Management Solutions

Generate new & repeat business. Build your brand. Protect your reputation.
Restaurant Waiting List Software
Waiting Lists
Reduce wait times while improving guest & team communication.
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Restaurant Reservation Software
Keep your guests coming back while increasing booking capacity.
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Restaurant Reservation Software
Table Management
Fill the dining room with better optimization, marketing & feedback.
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Restaurant Reservation Software
Event Planning
Faster planning and more closed deals for groups & private dining.
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The Most Features Available at the Best Prices

Nobody comes close to the value we deliver. Here’s a start:
Wait List

2-way wait-list texting keeps the wait list moving forward.

PCI Compliance

Reduce no shows and get paid with PCI compliant credit card storage & billing.

Wait Quotes

Maintain wait-list precision with AI driven wait-quotes.

Multiple Locations

All locations benefit from universal access to each personal dining profile.


Daily reservation reminders via text or email.


Maximize private & group dining leads from the host stand or our mobile friendly booking widget.

Call List

Capture last minute dining opportunities through voice, text or email.


Offer payment-required events with deposits or payments required.


Print essential guest & reservation details for servers or culinary team at the host stand.


Special offers & promos convey through the booking to the printed chit to the POS System.


Targeted alerts ensure the right team member stays informed before, during and after a guest’s visit.


Intelligent table assignments lighten the load to predict best tables for both reservations & walk-ins.


Guests can request their car from valet via text at their convenience.

Light & Temp

If lighting or temperature exceeds defined limits, event is recorded and manager on duty is alerted.


Both walk-ins & reservations are auto-assigned the best tables according to each special occasion.


With over 225 back-end settings, controls and options, no other system works as effectively in such a range of concepts.

Leading Restaurant Technology Innovations Since 2011

Functionality that gives you the best competitive edge

  • Text messaging when table is ready
  • Chit printing at the host stand
  • Multi-location access from the “cloud” (before there was the “cloud”)
  • Universal personal guest dining profiles
  • Movable single and grouped tables
  • Automated table assignments for walk-in parties
  • Walk-In conversion technology
  • Circular guest feedback system
  • Personal dining assistant AI with voice recognition technology
  • Reputation management and competition monitoring
  • Guest-to-Valet communication & fetch-car reminders
  • Monitor dining room for proper light and temperature
  • Fully integrated email marketing and list building solution
  • Fully Integrated private dining management solution

We not only know restaurants. We pioneered the technology that sets new standards in what’s possible.
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Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“We could not be happier with their product. The interface is easy to use and their customer support ranks second to none. Thank you Adam Christopher and the team at Restaurant Connect. Your hard work and dedication help thousands of customers find that perfect table at our restaurant each year.”
David Amend, General Manager, Thoroughbreds Chophouse & Seafood Grille
Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“Three years ago I decided it would help my business to use OpenTable. I had no idea that it would be $800-$1,000 a month. We had plenty of business before they came along, and all they did was “convert” our diners to their own website in order to keep getting their $1 per person fees. RestaurantConnect changed that for us. They are a company of restaurateurs and they actually care about the restaurant industry…”
Ned Brown, Owner, The Blue Lion, Jackson Hole
Reservations, Waiting List & Communications
“RestaurantConnect is just what we needed to take Fonda San Miguel to the next level. This program is the real deal! We were looking for three main things in a hospitality management system: Online reservations, client database and the ability to get guest feedback. This program can do all of these and so much more. We have seen fantastic results from day one. The RestaurantConnect staff has something that seems to be forgotten in companies these days… The ability to listen to their clients and adapt.”
Danny Herrera, Fonda San Miguel – Top 101 US Restaurants – #54