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Online Restaurant Reservations & Table Management System

Your DATA. Shared.

Your Data. Shared.

With your data stored & saved in the cloud, restaurant owners, managers, service & culinary teams have simultaneous access to the right information at the right time.

Your BRAND First!

YOUR Brand First!

In comparison to the ‘big one’ system, we stay quietly in the background. So your customers find your restaurant and enjoy a more meaningful dining experience.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

With unlimited installations, locations & users, spend more time taking care of guests & building business! We’ll do whatever it takes to be there when you need.



Ask our restaurant partners and they’ll tell you, that our software solutions are offered on a monthly basis. We don’t require contracts. No per-reservation fees.

RestaurantConnect Reservation and Management Software System for Restaurants

RestaurantConnect is an online restaurant reservations & table management system for booking, dining room management, event & floor planning, brand management & marketing. Our award-winning cloud-based system allows to do reservations by phone or via website widget and Facebook app.

Our widgets are mobile-friendly. It’s easy to add them to any website from any computer. Installing our “Reserve a Table” tab on your Facebook page takes literally seconds. We’ll also include a free restaurant listing on our upcoming reservation portal, RestaurantConnect.com (currently in beta).

With our easily installed cloud system, you can manage table floor and online reservations with email notifications and SMS text messaging. You’ll control the use of table inventory, manage private and group dining, explore dining preferences of your guests via their personal profiles, distribute news to target audiences about menu updates, specials and purchasable coupons.

RestaurantConnect Reservation and Management Software System for Restaurants

We encourage restaurants, bars and cafes to put RestaurantConnect system on as many computers and multiple locations as they can in order to achieve the full benefits it has to offer. You’ll be happy to know it runs on any PC or Mac! You’ll be amazed that we don’t charge per-reservation, installation or license fees. All table or room reservations from our software are always free.

Online solutions for table management & restaurant reservations are just the two tips of what we do at RestaurantConnect, Inc. Be sure to take an overview tour, watch video, test widgets, try Facebook app, and read our blog.

Take a look at how some of our partners accept free online restaurant reservations with RestaurantConnect from their websites: Kiawah ResortHugo’s, Thoroughbreds,  The Entertainment District, and Rodizio Grill. And here are a few Facebook pages of restaurants with our “Reservations” app installed: Lighthouse RestaurantFonda San Miguel, and Fortina Pizza.

Your restaurant will boost business, marketing and PR opportunities, strengthen its brand, build greater awareness,
attract new guests, delight customers and increase their loyalty.

You Will Love RestaurantConnect!

There are simply too many software features to list, so we would like to show you the highlights.
We think you will be surprised by the range of benefits, especially once you find out what we charge.

Looking for an alternative to RezBook?
Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. We’ll make the transition fast and easy!

We’d like to show you the highlights of RestaurantConnect features. This is the reservation and management system you have been waiting for.

This video will show you a full ecosystem of software tools to deliver a memorable dining experience which your guests expect.

Reservation Widgets
Test our widgets and see how easy it is for guests to book a table. Start taking reservations through your website & add a tab to Facebook page!


Our Reservationist, RestaurantReserve, TableWatch, EventPlanner and BrandManager software modules are waiting for you!


Free Demo by Request

It takes seconds. Just click and fill out the contact form! RestaurantConnect system is offered on a monthly basis. No contracts! No per-reservation fees!


Thank You Opportunities: A Free Restaurant Mobile Website

For restaurants that have been with us, we want to say "Thank You" by offering exclusive opportunities to get even more out of your system.

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Thank You Opportunities: Restaurant Marketing Software

For restaurants that have been with us, we want to say "Thank You" by offering exclusive opportunities to get even more out of your system. These will be offered to you either at no cost or as low as we possibly can.

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Brand Control: Do You Have It? - Part I

Are you doing all that you can to drive potential customers to your website? Read on to make sure you are maximizing your restaurant's business while staying in control of your brand!

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Fun Features for Better Restaurant Management

Be sure to get the most out of your system by taking advantage of RestaurantConnect features in ways you may not be aware of. This new feature will keep you on top of situations with VIP guests & the not-so-well behaved guests.

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  • Frogtown_logoI can never imagine using pen & paper again.  Now that we've been using RestaurantConnect, I don't know how we ever managed without it.  I would definitely recommend it - it's amazing!
    AJ, Manager, The Frogtown Inn & Six Acres Restaurant
  • bartletss_logo We've had record breaking numbers since leaving Opentable for RestaurantConnect.  People scared of leaving OpenTable?  Don't they know it's the food that sells?  Send anyone you want to talk to us, anytime.
    Eric Beverage, Director of Operations, Bartlett's
  • emchamas_logo I switched from Opentable.  In 9 months I saved ten thousand dollars and get more reservations from RestaurantConnect.
    Sam Silvio, Owner, Em Chamas
  • Cohasset Harbour Resort Logo RestaurantConnect Reservations SystemAs a representative of restaurants at Cohasset Harbor Resort, I think that out of all the restaurant reservation systems including the 'big one', RestaurantConnect is one of the most user friendly, intuitive and efficient reservation systems out there. Included is a support team that will drop at any moment to help you, and even notice when things look like they need to be attended to. The amount of features for its affordable cost as well as 'free reservations', absolutely make it a no-brainer.
    Chris Grosse, Manager of all 3 restaurants & catering at Cohasset Harbor Resort (Massachusetts)
  • BlackFinn American Grille RestaurantConnect ReservationsWe cannot thank the RestaurantConnect team enough! At BlackFinn American Grille group we were using OpenTable as our reservation and table management system in several of our locations. We chose your system instead not only for the incredible cost savings, but also for the ease of functionality, and the true statement that RestaurantConnect really does want to work for their client! The staff loves the system and our training support was 100% the best we have ever received! We are looking forward to bringing your system to all of our future openings and also to some of our existing sites!
    Megan Sweeney, Dir. Learning & Development at BlackFinn American Grille Group
  • Plattduetsche Park Restaurant Franklin Square NYThe Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in NY has been using the services of RestaurantConnect for a few months now and we are more than pleased with this reservation system.  The service is very attentive to our needs; they are very quick to respond to any inquiries that we have had. The staff has been nothing but friendly and it has been a pleasure to work with them. We love how you can make reservations on our website and Facebook page. We would highly recommend the use of RestaurantConnect ystem to any establishment.
    Christian Mollenthiel, Plattduetsche Park Restaurant at Franklin Square (New York)
  • Pour la France logoOur Pour La France Café & Bistro in Mexico is growing nicely, we are 32% over last year in sales. We have become a very popular place that still holds reservations for customers. The seating organization has really helped us grow our business. RestaurantConnect reservation system allows us to maximize our precious space to seat most guests and give accurate waiting times. Name recognition from our staff to our customers is the icing on the cake, it gives our patrons immediate smiles! And they know from the very start they are in for a good time.
    Juan Carlos Guerra, Owner, Pour La France Café & Bistro (Saltillo, Mexico)

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